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lamb in wolf's clothing



Imposters are everywhere. Realtors look and speak the part of a wolf, but are they? Inept, lazy, confused lambs with no game plan abound. Some wolves close your listing appointment but then assign a lamb with no sales ability, no follow through, mediocre marketing, and scant service to sell your home. Sometimes you’ll never see anyone again. Why are you paying for this?
We’re tenacious. We’re capable. We’re hungry. We're better.

Contact us for a FREE HOME VALUATION and we’ll show you.


Working with English Blackwell is easy.


Contact us. We'll schedule a time to come meet and take a tour. We'll give you a free valuation

based on computer models and recent comps along with a 25 page report on your home. We make recommendations on staging or anything that needs to be done. We'll go over the marketing plan and timeline. If both sides feel it's a fit, we can get the electronic documents started immediately and shoot the property right then or schedule for another day. We do all of our own marketing and are very efficient with our time. We're also very transparent and straight forward. If you're a buyer, we can help you too. 


We've identified some of the top reasons people look to buy or sell a home. These custom designed ads run on the top 3 platforms: Facebook, X, and Instagram. They're direct, cheeky, and effective. Luxury living is not always about amazing views, dinner parties, and multi-car garages. Life gets in the way sometimes and the best one can do is roll with it with a sense of humor and grace.

The English Blackwell Realty Group specializes in marketing and selling luxury homes from Conroe to River Oaks, Texas and commercial on a case-by-case basis. With over 26 years experience marketing for national and international brands (Sony, Fox, MGM, The Mirage Hotel, Monster Energy, etcthrough the ad and design branch,, our expertise goes far beyond pictures, a sign in your yard, and an MLS listing. Luxury buyers can be hard to find and there is a lot of competition to stand out. We've received press in over 600 publications and have multiple awards for ad campaigns. We'll create a compelling story for your property with world-class design, marketing, and visuals to attract the right buyers for the sale. We're expert negotiators/salespeople, completely transparent, and full service. While we specialize in luxury homes, if you have a great story, a great house that's eclectic or quirky, or are interesting people we'd like to meet. These things inspire us.  

The market has changed. Getting multiple offers, getting an offer without listing or marketing, or a bidding war unless priced right are highly unlikely. Selling your home is going to take work. We're ready. English Blackwell 73 Realty Group



Traditional agent tactics aren’t working.  We’re offering something better, something new.



We've gotten local, national, and international press including Lucky, Indesign, Seventeen, The Houston Chronicle, etc. for our design, photography, 3D rendering, campaigns, and copywriting. We've gotten multiple advertising awards for the same work. We've been top producer multiple times at a

400+ agent realty agency and listing agent of the month at one of the world's most prestigious agencies before founding the English Blackwell Realty Group.